I was blessed
today when I received a very fine holster! 
Maker, Scott Tollefson does very nice work! 
Holsters or sheaths for whatever you need! 
OK, now for my thoughts and observations
on this 1911 holster.

Stitching is SUPER clean and looks like it was done on a machine!  Leather is thick
and plenty stiff and well shaped with very good retention qualities!  Holds my 1911
just right.  Draws with slight resistance but won't let the pistol fall out.  Dye job is exceptional!
Around the edges where the front and back halves are sewn together, the seam is very tight and
nicely burnished and dyed, and looks to be one piece.  I love this holster!  Lets get some
pictures up now!

And a couple different things from Scott...

Scott Tollefson