Wild Hog

heavy duty aluminum foil

10 pound (approximately) ham or shoulder with lower leg-bone removed

1 large sweet onion, cut in small pieces

3 - 5 pounds potatoes, sliced 1/4 inch thick

1 bag carrots, cut in medium size pieces

1 small stalk celery, cut in small pieces, or 2 teaspoons celery powder

1 teaspoon hot sauce of your choice, or to taste

1/4 cup lemon or lime concentrate

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

black pepper to taste

3/4 teaspoon garlic powder or fresh garlic to taste

1 cup hickory style barbecue sauce

cooking spray

Take enough foil for three layers eight to ten inches longer than the meat you are cooking. Lay two layers down and spray with cooking spray. Lay meat fat side down on foil. Press onions on top of meat. Place potatoes around meat, followed by carrots on top of potatoes and celery over carrots. At this point fold edges of foil up. Mix remaining ingredients, except barbecue sauce, in a medium size container and pour over meat, letting juice settle for a minute or so. Pour barbecue sauce over meat. Place remaining foil on top and seal all edges.

Method #1: Place package in baking pan with short sides. Place in middle of preheated oven at 275 degrees for three to three and one half hours. Turn oven off and leave in oven one half hour. Remove and enjoy.

Method #2: Place in same type pan in preheated 400 degree oven for one hour, turn oven off for one half hour. Turn on to 400 degrees again for one hour and off again for one half hour. Remove and enjoy.

Method #3: For campfire cooking, use two more pieces of foil 10 to 12 inches longer than wrapped meat. Spread hot coals large enough to handle the meat package. Place one piece foil on top of coals, place wrapped meat on top of foil and cover with the other piece of foil. Cover with more hot coals to maintain proper heat. Cook two and one half hours. Remove carefully and enjoy.

Copyright 1998-2014 Stephen Ricciardelli