Mountain Breakfast

1 moose liver

2 pounds sliced bacon

3 dozen eggs

6 - 8 large brown onions

salt, pepper, flour, butter

After washing thoroughly, hang liver in cheese cloth sack outside at least eight feet high. Hang for two days and nights in the shade. Prepare a work area such as a table top at least three feet by three feet. Fill a large bowl with water and add one half cup salt for each gallon of water. On a clean surface, spread with wax paper and pour a pile of flour. Cook bacon in large cast iron skillet, removing bacon as it cooks to a flexible tenderness, leaving bacon grease in skillet.

Slice liver into one inch thick steaks. They will be very large, approximately one and a half pounds each. Place liver steak in bowl of salt water and let soak one to two minutes, to draw out remaining blood. The color will quickly change from deep redbrown to light pink. Remove and roll in flour until thickly coated. Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides and place in hot skillet of bacon grease. Fry several minutes on each side, until golden brown. Test by cutting open to check for doneness. Adjust cooking time to suit taste. Repeat until all liver is cooked. In another large skillet, place one fourth pound butter. Slice all onions in advance of cooking. Do not dice or cube. Fill skillet with onions, salt lightly and cover. After onions soften, stir and re-cover. Add more butter if needed for thin coating and cooking. When onions, bacon and liver are all cooked, store in oven at 'warm' setting (100 to 150 degrees). Onions should be soft. Clean both skillets and cook eggs to order, using butter. Serve with coffee, hot biscuits, jelly.

On large plate, place one liver steak with eggs next to it. At hunter's option, lay strips of bacon across liver then top with a generous pile of onions.

Cooked liver can be stored in cold (40 degree) ice chest for several days.

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