Curry Pheasant

2 pheasants, cut up

1/3 cup oil

1 can tomato soup

1 can beer, stale is okay

1 onion, chopped

salt and pepper


Heat oil in a heavy frying pan, lightly salt and pepper pheasant, brown pieces lightly, a few pieces at a time. Place side by side in a flat 13x9x2 inch pan. Drain excess oil from frying pan and saute onions until soft, (not brown), pour in soup, beer and curry, bring to a slow boil for a few minutes and pour over birds. Bake, covered with foil, at 350 degrees for about one and a half to two hours. Check for doneness about halfway through cooking, as some birds cook faster than others. Remove foil to cover two thirds of the pan for the last part of cooking.

Copyright 1998-2014 Stephen Ricciardelli