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Some like Rock'N'Roll, some like Classical, and some, spirited Military Marches. There are those who enjoy Country/Western, and there are probably even a few out there who relish the Big Band sound.

I personally prefer early Rock (1957 to 1970), 1960's Folk, and the heavier Classics. I can even tolerate a little Country, depending on who is singing it. Yes, I like Waylon, and Johnny, and Willie. And, I could easily fall in love with Shania, Reba and Pam!

For a Caribbean party mood I enjoy the older Jimmy Buffett. Nothing beats washing down a cheeseburger with a margarita while vacationing in Paradise. (There really is a Paradise, but I found it in Pennsylvania, and not in Florida!)

For those special times, when the snow is falling, and the fireplace is lit, and the wine is chilled, there are three ladies in my life!


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Select one of my ladies, or all three (if you think you can handle them!)

I Honestly Love You

The Rose

Time To Say Goodbye

(I guess we all have our fantasies!)

However, my favorite faire three ladies, it's time to move over for an exceptionally talented young girl...

Pie Jesu

(I wrote the above many years ago, when I first started this section of the website.

Many things have changed since them. The first is that MIDI files are not longer acceptable for downloading or playing a favorite song. MP3 is the rage, and if done correctly it is almost (and I do mean "almost!) as good as the original digital media. I still keep the MIDI files online because ... hell, I don't know why ... none of my audio equipment can decode and play MIDI files, but it was a part of musical computer music.

The next even was the disappearance of Amanda McBroom. We were engaged in almost daily emails to each other ... then "POOF" she disappeared.

The same goes for Sarah Brightman. She hasn't released an album in years. The first several of her albums contained her best music, everything after them was nothing more than re-compiled songs from other albums. I really don't care for the "Best Of" or "Greatest Hits" formats. You just end-up paying 3 or 4 times for the same song.

The next one to disappear from the scene was Charlotte church. She was a "one hit wonder". Sure she release several more albums, but they sucked!

And that brings me to Olivia ... The only one still recording and appearing in several television series programs ... "Glee" being her most recent. She has gone through several tragic happenings since I first fell in love with her. Her fight with cancer, which she defeated; the loss of her current male friend while sailing; the loss of her children's clothing stores; and, several occurrences that have not been publicized. She is now 63- or 64-years-old, and she looks a lot better than the upcoming "stars"!

Now, about the "new and upcoming stars".

There has not been a single one who can equal Neil Diamond or Olivia Newton-John!

I have been following "American Idol" for 11 years, and there are only two who can actually present a song.

All the rest are and probably will be terrible! The male "singers" all sounded like they have their balls in a bench vise! While the females' only ability is to scream a high "G" note, while totally screwing the lyrics into some sort of conglomeration recently removed from a food processor! I did't understand a single word, or sound, that eminated from their mouths!

I have also followed "Glee" since the first episode. The first year was fantastic, but then all of a sudden it became more of a political message than a song.

On my shelves, amoung all my CDs and DVDs, and yes, even vinyl albums and movies as well as cassette tapes, I have copies of Disney's "High School Musical". It was obvious that all the music was lip-synced, and that actors in their middle to late 20s were supposed to be freshman through senior high schoolers (ages supposedly ranged from 14 to 17 years old).

Most of my music brings an inner reaction ... some good, some bad, and some absolutely terrible. But the "old songs" are the ones that bring me back to other times and other places.

The "new musical world" does not have that effect on me. If the singers are off key or only mumble the lyrics it reminds me of only one thing ... it's time to take out the garbage!

At those times when I want to be somewhere else (not that I would really ever want to be anywhere but Montana) Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky and Wagner will transport me to other times and other places.

And for those quiet moments? Who can turn away Mannheim Steamroller?

Yes, I even enjoy Elvis, and he could be remembered as the "King". But my favorite male vocalist is Neil Diamond.

Hell, I guess you could say I like almost all kinds of music! There are times for Peter, Paul and Mary, there are times for The Eagles, there are times for the Beach Boys. But when the times are a changin', there is only time for Dylan!

Now it's time to listen to some music!


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