Okay, here's the problem...
My pictures of fireworks generally suck!
(That is obvious if you take a look at all of them below!)
Here is my basic set-up:
Focus locked at infinity;
Lens opening locked at f16;
Cameras are tripod mounted;
Viewfinders are blocked;
Shutter is released from the time of the rocket lift-off until the display is complete;
I have used lenses of 20MM, 24MM, 35MM, 50MM, 75MM, 135MM and 200MM
(lenses from 20mm to 75MM are totally useless)
(I have lenses of 300MM, 400MM and 500MM that could be used.)
Film is Fujichrome 100
(although I did shoot a roll of Kodachrome 64 with a little better results)
PROBLEM IS ... where the hell did all my colors go?

If you have taken fireworks pictures with great results, please send me a copy of the picture and all the data and suggestions you can offer.

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