That's Correct...

Is Now Selling Knives

Okay, so I tried selling firearms and optics on, but evidently users were unsure about ordering expensive items from a personal website.

In 4 years only 2 users ordered firearms from me (for a total of 5), and neither have had a complaint ...

Now, in hopes of obtaining a few dollars to help support, I am offering knives!

Prices will range from $3.00 each to over $100.00 each, and in several cases there will be combination offers at an ever further reduced cost.

I'm also going to attempt to keep shipping and processing to a minimum ...

Basic shipping fees will be USPS Flat Rate Priority of $5.35 per order. It appears that I can put anywhere from 1 knife to 12 knives in a single $5.35 box (depending of course on the size of the knife). This means that you will pay only $5.35 for shipping for up to 12 knives (or just 45-cents for each knife!). Naturally, if the $5.35 box is too small I will move up in size to the next larger box.

Next stop up will be $11.35 for the medium box and $15.45 for the large box.

There will be no "processing charge" or "handling fee" involved.


Funds will only be accepted by USPS Money Order or a Certified Check.

I will accept PayPal, but you have to add an additional 6% since that is what PayPal will charge me for handling the transaction.

Credit and debit cards will NOT be accepted!

You can send cash, but it is not advised!!

To view what is currently available you can either download stevespages_knives.pdf, or view it on-line.

This file will be updated as required.


Yes, I will do special orders, however there are a few requirements.

I must receive the full payment before I order the item ... no exceptions!

You tell me the make and maker's item number; I will find the best price and notify you of what your cost will be; and you must accept or decline on a timely basis.

Some of the manufacturers I will carry are:


Send me an e-mail containing your real name and address and also the item number and name of the knife (or knives) you want.

It's just that simple!

I will reply to your order and await payment.

DO NOT SEND PAYMENT BEFORE I REPLY! The item you want may be "Sold Out" at the time I receive your order. If it is, I will tell you when I expect the next shipment to arrive, and you can replace your order at that time.

If you use PayPal I will ship the day after I receive your payment ... if the item is "Sold Out" I will refund your payment.


Want to customize an order? I can put any short text or logo on nearly any product in the warehouse. All I need as a medium-to-high-resolution image*, or a written copy of the text to be added.

*Images must be at least 600x600 pixels

Laser Etch

Laser etching is by farthe most popular of ourmethods, as it is inexpensiveand many times faster than anyother customization. The image may beplaced on any non-ceramic blade, stainless steel handles, or metallic bolsters.

Setup Fee $12.50*
Color? No
Price (per knife) $3.25
Min. Order N/A

*Waived on laser etching orders of 90 or more.

Deep Etch

Deep etching allows the image beingapplied to be colored using an oil-based glossy enamel. Turnaround is much slower than laser etching, but the results are quite stunning. Deep etching can only be performed on metallic surfaces .

Setup Fee $75.00
Color? Yes
Price (per knife) $4.07 per color
Min. Order 32 pcs.

Pad Print

Pad printing can be used to apply a multi-colored image on a non-metallic surface... usually a smoothbone or composite handle.

Setup Fee $75.00
Color? Yes
Price (per knife) $3.44 per color
Min. Order 32 pcs.


Take a look at the other file ... STEVESPAGES KNIVES

Check the .PDF file every now and then.
Because it will be updated when new items arrive.

To place an order:

Send payment to:
Stephen Ricciardelli
P.O.Box 150
Saint Marie