There is more to do in Montana ...
... than watch the deer and antelope play!

There is more to do in Montana ...
... than hunt and fish!

There is rounding-up ...
... innoculations and tagging ...
... branding and castration.

(The faces are intentionally darkened in these pictures,
at the requests of the people photographed.)

"Maybe, just maybe I should ask someome?"

"Just what am I supposed to do with all this rope and crap?"

"Now, boys and girls,
the ones without the saddles are the cattle!"

"C'mon, little fellow! Don't you wanna go to Disneyland?"

"Disneyland hell!
That don't look like no entrance to Disneyland!!"

I thought they would never get my sister-in-law
and her two brats out of here!"

"Anyone seen a cow?"

"Never fails!
Just when I have to take a leak,
they bring in the damn cattle!"

"Hey, George.  They caught Lem with his fly open again!"

"Damnit anyway!
You're supposed to be shooting that stuff into the cow,
not at me!"

"I love the smell of hot branding irons in the morning ..."

"Nope, they ain't hot enough yet"

"There we go ... just right"

"Yup.  First the fire then the smoke."


Now what the hell is he doing,
and what the hell has he got in his mouth?

OUCH!  Now I know what he is doing!

Damn, "he" ain't a "he", "he's" a "she"!

And I have never seen a lady enjoy her work more.
Look at that big smile, and that knife between her teeth!
She was fast, she was thorough, she was good!!
And I'll be damned if I want to say ANYTHING to get her pissed-off at me!!!

She traded her knife for a camera!

"When do I get to use mommy's knife?"

"I'll get you, you little sucker!"

And regardless of what Nancy Sinatra says,
"These boots ain't made for WALKING!"

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