Black Hills pistol ammunition review

Black Hills Ammo

Last week I had the opportunity to test some of the ammo produced

by Black Hills Ammunition. We measured velocity and tested for accuracy.

I am pleased to report that it is easily as consistant and accurate as handloads, setting it apart from most factory ammo, right off the bat!

There are a bunch here so bear with me!

We tested .380 Auto 90 Gr JHP, .380 Auto 100 Gr FMJ, and we also shot Dynamic Rearch 85 Gr HP for comparison.

We shot some .357 Mag 158 Gr JHP

Ran some 9mm 124 Gr FMJ

Some .40 155 Gr JHP and some of our handloads for comparison.

And also, .45 Auto 230 FMJ and 230 Gr JHP +P.

Needless to say, it was a good day in the desert!

On to the results. Clear blue sky at 85 degrees with no wind. All handguns

except for with the .40 (and I'll note that later). Distance to target was

25 ft and all handguns were on a mount.

.380 test

The pistol used for the .380 test was an H&K HK4.

The Black Hills 90 Gr JHP had a spread of 945 fps to 957 fps and all shots

stayed in a one inch group. The Black Hills 100 Gr FMJ ran 890 fps to 894

fps and stayed in an inch group. The comparison ammo (DR 85 Gr JHP) ran

1020 to 1111 fps and its pattern on paper reflected the inconsistancy of


.357 Mag test

There were two .357 Mag pistols used. One, a Ruger GP100 SS w/6 barrel

The other a Speed Six with a 3 barrel.

In the GP100, the Black Hills ammo ranged from 1179 to 1212 fps and maintained a 1 group.

In the Speed Six it ran from 1070 to 1084 fps and held an inch and a half group.

9mm test

The 9mm 124 Gr FMJ was an exceptional example of consistantcy! Pistol used for this ammo 

was a Beretta 92fs. Ammo ran between 1189 and 1205 fps.

Stayed in a 1 group.

.40 cal test

For the .40 cal test, a Glock G22 was used. I mentioned that I took some of

my handloads along so here's what I'll tell you about those. Zero brand JHP 180Gr pills over 7.2 Gr LongShot Powder. A mid range load I really like

My loads ran 1114 to 1125 fps and held a 1 inch pattern.

The Black Hills ammo ran 1141 to 1154 fps and held a 1 inch pattern.

.45 ACP test

Pistol used was a Dan Wesson Heritage with ~250 rds through it.

The Black Hills 230 Gr FMJ ran 866 to 889 fps in a 1 inch pattern.

The 230 JHP +P ran 984 to 992 fps and maintained less than 1 inch

grouping. Most holes were overlapped.

There's the solid stats I got. Now, some other info.

I was very impressed with the cleanliness of all the ammo. Very little

residue in the guns after use. What ever powder they are using, it's a good choice for the

appropriate loads!! All ammo performed perfectly...chambered like it should, went bang

and ejected uniformly in a nice 15 circle. Overall, I like this ammo A LOT!!! Since I load

my own, I don't normally shoot a pile of factory ammo, but I have certainly shot my

fair share of it. I have found no other factory ammo I like this much! I noticed two different

headstamps (not that it matters), a BHA branded brass and some Starline brass (good stuff).

Round to round consistancy was exceptional as shown in the chrono tests and accuracy

matched anything I've built! I may repeat these tests in the future with a little longer range.

While most hangun encounters are said to be about 21 ft, I'd like to stretch out to 50 ft

just for fun. I'd bet the Black Hills ammo will do just fine. ;)

During this session I did not do any tests on expansion but may in the future.

Ok, I mentioned earlier that all the weapons used for these tests were handguns except

one that I'd mention later. The last test that we didwas cycle some of the .40 155 Gr JHP through

a carbine. Recorded no grouping here, just wanted a veolcity comparison. The carbine was a

HiPoint 4095. The Black Hills ammo ran 1223 to 1247 fps with a stock HP 4095 (17.5 inch barrel).