We are proud to recommend
Black Hills Ammunition!

Whether  you reload or not, we know you will find
Black Hills ammo to rank with the finest
you've ever shot!  Consistant, accurate
and powerful.  The folks at
Black Hills build only the best!

New pistol, new rifle, remanufactured, Black Hills Gold
(tournament quality),
and authentic cowboy action ammo.  You won't find better!

If you've been to Shot Shows, you may have had the opportunity
to meet Jeff Hoffman, owner of Black Hills Ammunition.  You'd be hard
pressed to find a nicer, more straight shooting gentleman than Jeff.

Jeff, with his wife Kristi, run a top notch
business that ALL should strive to match!
Currently all branches of the US Military purchase match 5.56mm ammunition from Black Hills.

Law enforcement agencies nationwide rely on Black Hills ammo too.
Jeff Hoffman has been a sworn officer since 1979. Before starting the business Jeff personally inspected the ammunition he carried on duty. Now every round of ammunition leaving the factory is hand inspected by experienced, quality control staff.